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Tools  |  No. 150

Solid State Logic:
BiG SiX Mixer

Reviewed by Adam Kagan

Solid State Logic, better known as SSL, boasts a four-decade history of producing leading products for commercial studios, broadcast facilities, and live sound. However, SSL has recently directed...

RØDE: NTH-100 Headphones

reviewed by Tom Fine

Long a well-reputed maker of microphones, Australian company RØDE has jumped into the crowded, but red-hot headphones market with both feet. The NTH-100 'phones are closed-back and designed for...

Neumann: NDH 30 Headphones

reviewed by Tom Fine

Back in 2019, I reviewed Neumann's first foray into headphones, the closed-back NDH 20 [Tape Op #132]. At that time, its parent company Sennheiser was still in the consumer headphone business. Now...