Mastica are a culture all of their own. And something as experimentally cabalistic as this trio could only originate in Austin, Texas, a creative culture that is equally as magical. Their premier release is an other- worldy concoction comprising of both hi-tech and earthly dense rhythms courtesy of King Crimson's current ultra-dextrous drummer, Pat Mastelotto. Along with other instruments such as cellos, bontempi and guitars, Mastica create a smooth, staggered and vaporous listening environment that is aurally akin to that of watching time-lapse motion photography. Incisive inuendos of pop and Spanish influences are present as well, making this disc an even more interestingly wild and soul-rousing curio. Expert recording duties were engineered by Bill Munyon and Mastelotto with mastering by David Singleton at DGM in England to ensure that the full spectrum sound can crawl in deep waters as well as make the listener be able to pleasantly wade through the thick soundwaves it seeps. Mastica are futuristic in a sense, yet are rooted in ancient ways; something that is as soothing as hearing crickets on a hot summer night. (First World /

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