For twelve months, Ben Christian Green (of Godflesh) deposited himself within the Cambrian mountains to escape modern civilization and search within the imposed silence of his surroundings - to hear only himself. One would expect that such an absence from the things that are normally part of our everyday lives would produce sensory deprivation. In this case, the result is an auditory overload of the senses that is quite massive in scope; and, he manages to capture it all to tape. One completely unfamiliar with recording would assume that only computers could have created these cascades of sounds. Instead, the hyper-realistic, yet intense primitive emotions evoked here are channeled through the mind's ear via the use of 'primitive' gear - a guitar, an 8-track recorder and two microphones - nothing more. These seven pieces prove that everything must first come from within... isolation knows no technical boundaries. (Neurot Recordings, PO Box 410209, San Francisco, CA 94141,

Tape Op is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the art of record making.

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