A few years back a lot of people were talking about electronic music. It was being hyped as though rock would disappear and only digital bleeps would be left. Fortunately, what actually happened broadened the rock palette. Hi and lo tech electronica now play an equal role to the guitar without replacing the mighty six-sting roar. Enter Tim Green. Yeah, the guy can tear up the electric guitar, as evidenced in The Fucking Champs and Nation of Ulysses, but he also knows his way around synths, computers and the 24-track. At his Louder Studios he not only engineers some fine albums by the likes of Last of the Juanitas and Tristeza among others, but also finds time to do the abstract electro dance thing. On this lasted CD, keyboards ping pong and software distorts as a primitive Krautbeat keeps the robot funk groovy. (Deluxe Records)

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