With a name like the Yayhoos you wouldn't expect to take them seriously, and you don't need to. But they did make a seriously great record. You might remember our pal Eric "Roscoe" Ambel from many issues ago (or from Steve Earle's recent tours), and he's here playing guitar with his friends (ex- Georgia Satellites, Backsliders, Shaver etc.) in this ad- hoc band. He also recorded it, in a barn in North Carolina, and onto a single ADAT using 6 mics. That's right, only 8 tracks and it sounds fuller than a lot of "pro-studio" stuff I've heard lately. (I won't mention any names but have you heard Alien Ant Farm? My cat can record better sounding rock albums than that.) Anyway, they later mixed at Cowboy Technical Services Recording Rig with Jay Newland doing the honors. It sounds like a rock record should, loose and raw like four people rocking out in a barn. Fun, even the Abba cover. (www.bloodshotrecords.com)

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