If you remember our article on Dälek a few issues back, you'll know that this is a hip-hop ensemble worth checking out. The drum loops are gritty and sound more like rock than most hip-hop and there's trippy guitar work layered in occasionally - these guys are following their own muse here. Dälek, Oktopus and Still made and produced this record, sometimes working at home (The Mayan Ruins) and also at Sweetwood Sound with Alap Momin and Will Brooks. Mixing commenced at Trax East with Tape Op contributor Jesse Cannon throwing in his two cents, along with Alap, Joshua Booth and Eric Rachel. Mastered at West West Side Music by Alan Douches (who you'll also be reading about in this issue). I'm bored by many hip-hop acts out there, but this shit has me sitting up. (www.deadverse.com)

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