This is one of those albums that took years to make, but in the end was worth all the trouble involved. In the ensuing time the band (the sister/brother band to !!!) mostly moved from Sacramento, CA to Brooklyn, NY. Tracked by Eric Broyhill at Pus Cavern in Sacramento, CA and Nicholas Verhnes Rare Book Room in Brooklyn, NY, the basic tracks were dumped into a computer, with overdubs and quite a bit of manipulation done by Justin VanDerVolgen. At least a year or so went by, and then right when the band thought the album was done, the hard drive with all their music crashed. (A lesson in why you should always have backups, but I won't go there.) Luckily, they were able to send the drive to one of those hi-tech recovery places and $700 later they had their album back. They sent the mixes back to Eric to master at his new Monster Lab Audio studio and he gave them pointers on why they should remix the record. They did, he mastered the new mixes and it's finally done now. Cool instrumental punk/funk noise music that reminds me of My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts without the samples. (

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