I had to correct the publicist for this record when I received an email telling me that the new Calexico was recorded in "the band's studio, WaveLab." As any astute reader of Tape Op should know, WaveLab is owned and run by Craig Schumacher, the man who also organizes the Tape Op Conferences. Recorded in Tucson, AZ, onto MCI 16-track 2" and 24-track 2" with help from Nick Luca, mixed at Mike McHugh's The Distillery in Costa Mesa, CA, through the fab Flickinger console of fun. Note that Craig is also receiving "producer" credit along with Joey and John - it's about time you gave coach the credit, boys. "Black Heart" is the big monster on this record, check out those strings! Mastered by the talented JJ Golden at John Golden mastering. (www.casadecalexico.com)

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