Jonathan was/is one of the core members of Camper Van Beethoven, playing violin, keyboards, guitar and more on their records. He's also one of those kind of guys who knows just a little bit too much about music and how to play it, and some of his projects outside of CVB can bog down in cleverness or musicianship over songs. But I think this CD is his best balance yet. As he lists Pro Tools, SoundHack and Reaktor alongside violin, vocals and cellos you can figure how these tracks were created at home (Magnetic Satellite Oakland, a big photo inside) and Sound of Music in Richmond, VA. Mixing and "production (guy behind the mixing board telling me what to do)" was by Myles Boisen at Guerilla Recording in Oakland, where he pushed Jonathan a little harder to make this a better record. Myles also mastered the record at Headless Buddha Mastering. (

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