This was recorded on a portable Pro Tools TDM system in various studios and the bands homes in the San Francisco bay area. I'm intrigued by recordings like this and I think this is a great way to make a record, combining the low key vibe of your home with the better gear in a real studio. While not ultra low budget, this disc sounds like discs with budgets of 20 or 30 times more bucks and falls into a Brit- pop feel ala Coldplay or poppier Radiohead. Produced and engineered by the band and Eric Valentine (Look for a future interview) working way below his usual scale. These guys were in my studio The Hangar tracking drums for a future release and while guitarist J.J. Weisler is the principal engineer, everyone in the bands knows their way around the studio. Keyboardist Jason Borger also does string arrangements that were tracked at home while vocalist Aidan Hawken's gorgeous high tenor and falsetto completes the core band on this disc.

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