You may remember Melvin as the thoughtful bassist (with a back catalog and history to die for) whom we interviewed in issue #54. Here he unleashes an inspired mix of African music, hip-hop, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban and everything else. There are some amazing grooves, with layered percussion and raps over vocal chants, while other songs have programmed beats clattering along. Many guest musicians round out the album, bringing in their own disparate playing in the best way. Sometimes this record makes me think of Eno & Byrne's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts - high praise in my world. Produced by Melvin Gibbs, the mercurial Arto Lindsay and Alexandre Kassin (from Brazil's Kassin +2, see the tie-in with Cornelius in issue #69). Engineered by Melvin, Kassin, Pat Dillett (who mixed Eno & Byrne's Everything That Happens Will Happen Today) and Scotty Hard (get well Scotty! Mastered by Daniel Zelonky at the Record Lab, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. ( -LC

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