Steven Wilson (also of Porcupine Tree) presents one of his many side projects here, No-Man, a 22-year old collaboration with singer/songwriter Tim Bowness. The music is melancholy, layered and beautiful - not unlike later Talk Talk albums, some of Dead Can Dance's more "song" moments, or those slow, quiet Peter Gabriel tracks. This release comes as a CD and DVD set, with a stereo CD mix, 24-bit stereo mix, a surround mix and three videos. Produced by Steven and Tim, recorded and mixed by Steven at his No Man's Land Studio, along with engineering by Tim, Stephen Bennett, and by individual guest musicians (such as engineer/pedal steel-ist Bruce Kaphan - see interview with Bruce soon). This is a real treat to listen to, and look for an upcoming interview with Steven about his work in the studio - I think this is someone who really thinks heavily about sound and recording. Also check out his new solo album, Insurgentes - it sounds amazing and has a variety of songs and textures on it. -LC

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