Al Perry has a long history in the Tucson, Arizona, music scene, with his slightly off-key take on country music and songs from his heart. On this EP he traveled up to Phoenix with his three piece backing band to record with the legendary engineer Jack Miller - whom you'll read more about here soon (Duane Eddy, Rolling Stones, Herman's Hermits, etc.) They tracked to the classic, old Ampex 3-track tube tape deck that later Duane Eddy hits were cut to, all done live in the studio like the "old days." All these seven songs are covers of country/rockabilly tunes culled from Al's vast knowledge of these genres, including Sanford Clark's "The Fool", one of the earliest Lee Hazelwood productions and Arizona-grown hit records in 1956. Other tracks include Waylon Jennings' "Julie" and "The Fire of Love" by the late Jody Reynolds who, according to Al, was "living and performing in Yuma, Arizona, at the time he wrote that song.", -LC

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