She can sing a mountain down and write circles around most songwriters - it's always a pleasure to hear a new Neko album. Basic tracks were started where many of her albums have begun - Tucson's Wavelab with the undeniably capable team of Craig Schumacher, Chris Schultz and Nick Luca. Many vocals were done at Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn with Phil Palazzolo (who also tracked the crazy piano orchestra in Neko's Vermont barn - look for the video of that). Other overdubs happened in Chicago at Wall to Wall and Batty Steer in (wonderfully-named) Mono, Ontario. It was mixed with her longtime collaborator Darryl Neudorf at The Woodshed in Toronto and Operations Northwoods, also in Mono. Mastering was by Peter Moore (do I need to say he produced and tracked The Trinity Session for you to fall to yer knees?) at the E Room in Toronto. (,

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