Scott Craggs, mentioned above, has been a friend of Tape Op for many years, and interviewed Andy Hong 10 years ago (issue #20), which led to Andy's becoming our resident Gear Geek. Thanks Scott. He also runs his Old Colony Studios in Boston. So here's the back story on this album. Ben Taylor played bass with Scott in the fabulous Beat Down Sound and asked Scott to master this album. Scott heard the mixes ("You couldn't mix paint"), asked for the multitracks and "went to town," replacing drum machines with his real drumming, reamping and adding guitars, and then mixing and mastering. The result is probably miles from where Ben started, and it's a goddamn compelling album with a real variety of styles, lots of fun sounds and a treat to listen to. One of the really standout discs I've heard lately, even if several songs have drums recorded with only two Shure SM58 mics! ( -LC

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