Some of you may know that the first time I met my partner in Tape Op (publisher, layout, business brains, co-conspirator) it was in 1988 or so and he met up with my band (Vomit Launch) to talk about signing to his label and recording in his home studio. Several albums later the band broke up, but John and I always stayed in touch, and I highly valued the time I'd spent working with him. Meanwhile John's skills in the studio only increased, and his records only sounded better and better to my ears. When he discovered Julies Baenziger (aka Jules) playing around with some of her own tunes while in his Hangar studio in Sacramento on another session, he set her up in the B Room, showed her how to run Pro Tools and left her to create some demos. Blown away by what Jules delivered (the Bee Eee Pee, available on iTunes and in MP3 form tacked on this album as data) John set to work producing (and performing on) a more fleshed out album including more of her tunes. Tracked into Pro Tools HD, but mixed out through ganged up Neve broadcast and API 1608 consoles to 1/4" tape, the record has an open, earthy and real sound, but with many little touches that bring it alive and keep the ear interested. Jules also has one hell of a unique voice, and her songs can be haunting and beautiful, especially in the case of album highlight, "Wizbot." Mastered by Eric Broyhill at Monster Lab (previously located in The Hangar's building, but recenty relocated to Sweden). ( -LC

Tape Op is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the art of record making.

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