The sum total of bio information on this artist takes up precious little space on the sleeve--"The Lonesome Organist plays: keyboard instruments, percussion, harmonica, guitar, and vocals at the same time. Recorded live to two-track by Andy Bryant." Consequently, the listener is instantly hipped to the "quirk factor"; had I not read these words, my reaction to this record almost certainly would have been different. Just goes to show how a few words of text can color a record and an opinion. In this case, they do the job well. Imagining a guy breathing through a harmonica while plucking guitar strings, pressing some extremity on a Casio key, and stomping repeatedly on a bass drum provides some satisfaction during a critical listen. This recording falls easily under the nebulous descriptor "out-there-weirdo-experimental-noise." I happen to dig certain forays into this genre. The myriad squeals of delayed feedback, reverberating beats, and odd jangles and squiggles combine into a pleasing stew. Laying this stuff down in a more conventional studio setting would seem like overkill, and what's the use of a one-man band if he gets to overdub? (Thrill Jockey, P.O. Box 476794, Chicago, IL 60647)

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