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 |  No. 103

: The Delines

reviewed by Larry Crane

Songwriter and novelist Willy Vlautin has led Portland's Richmond Fontaine for 20 years. With this new group, The Delines, he's written songs for Amy Boone (The Damnations TX) to sing, and grabbed his...

 |  No. 102

: Various Seven-Inch Singles

reviewed by Larry Crane

Over the last few years, my town of Portland has become a traveler's destination for food (as well as beer, coffee, comedy, books, and music). Many come to sample the delights of world-renowned...

 |  No. 102

: I, II, III 2014 remasters

reviewed by Jeff Slate

"It's been over 20 years since the original CDs were issued. Since then the technology has improved, and there are all these new digital formats out there, so it made sense to revisit the studio...

 |  No. 100

: Silver Bell

reviewed by John Baccigaluppi

I've been a fan of Patty Griffin's since I heard her first album, Living With Ghosts in 1996. The record is just Griffin solo with her acoustic guitar, and the sound quality is pretty rough. It sounds...

 |  No. 98

: Sound System box set

reviewed by Jeff Slate

There's been some grumbling on the Internet amongst fans of The Clash claiming that the band's lavish new box set, Sound System, is a pricey totem more befitting the perennially reissued Rolling...

 |  No. 97

: Nothing Can Hurt Me

reviewed by David Peterson

The story of Big Star, one of the best-known cult bands in rock history, is unveiled in the documentary Nothing Can Hurt Me. It traces the glorious, and confounding, history of a group of talented...

 |  No. 97

: Made in California 6 CD box set

reviewed by Jeff Slate

When I first heard that The Beach Boys were preparing a 50th anniversary box set I must admit I pondered, "How many times can this band reissue the same old songs?" Well, The Beach Boys have...

 |  No. 95

: The Next Day

reviewed by Larry Crane

Sessions for Bowie's 24th studio album, his first in ten years, began several years ago "in secret" at The Magic Shop, New York City [owned by Steve Rosenthal, Tape Op #29]. Long-time collaborator...