Phil Taylor

by Jeff Touzeau

For nearly a century, The Astoria has woven its own distinct musical heritage along the banks of the river Thames, just southwest of London. With its lush and leafy surroundings, highly reminiscent...

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UE-10 PRO Ear Monitors

by Ultimate Ears  |  reviewed by Jeff Elbel

Ultimate Ears competes with companies like Sensaphonics for sales of in-ear monitors to professional users. After his introduction to the iPod, Ultimate Ears founder Jerry Harvey recognized an...

BravoPro Disc Publisher

by Primera Technology  |  reviewed by Andy Hong

In Tape Op #44, I wrote a review of the Bravo II Disc Publisher and called it "awesome." The BravoPro is the new big-brother to the Bravo II. Using either, you can "publish" your own CD's or DVD's...

Carmen Ghia tube guitar head

by Dr. Z Amplification  |  reviewed by Geoff Farina

A few recent experiences with a stripped-down 60's Fender Deluxe have finally convinced me to pack up my trusty Twin Reverbs for good. There's just something magical about the combination of the...


by Submersible Music  |  reviewed by Jeff Robbins

First off, I should mention my hesitation about drum loops. Over the years, I've developed quite a library of drum loops, and although they're fun to play with, they rarely make it into my finished...

Swivel Mic Cable

by Planet Waves  |  reviewed by John Baccigaluppi

Pete Weiss touched on these cables in his review of the Planet Waves line in Tape Op # 39, but I recently picked up a few of the cables after seeing them at the recent NAMM show, and thought they were...

PS-04 Palmtop Studio

by Zoom  |  reviewed by Andy Hong

Attendees of the first Tape Op Conference in 2002 may remember a photo of the yet-to-be-released Zoom Palmtop Studio in my presentation of music technology history. I had read enough prerelease info...

Live 4

by Ableton  |  reviewed by Chachi Jones

When the first version of Ableton Live hit the shelves in 2001, it instantly found a hardcore audience of music makers desperate for a flexible arranging tool with an emphasis on playful...

?Alice? small-diaphragm condenser mic

by Scott Helmke  |  reviewed by Inverse Room

While trolling the ancient "DIY Mics" thread on the Tape Op forum, I came across a post from Scott Helmke (AKA Scodiddly) about a microphone he was working on based on the Transound TSB-165A cardioid...

Phoenix TDM plug-in

by Crane Song  |  reviewed by Matt Boudreau

In the last several weeks while I was writing this review, Quantegy closed its doors for financial restructuring, Studer 24-tracks were listed on eBay for $7000 with Dolby SR, and the tape-using...

Picturebox, Inc.

by The Wilco Book  |  reviewed by John Baccigaluppi

This book is a very cool intersection of music, writing, photography and design. What it's not is a straightforward documentation of the band's music that holds the reader's hand and discusses the...