Marc Aubort: Classical Recordist

by James Fei

Classical recording engineers rarely get the same attention that their pop and rock counterparts do. While pioneers such as Robert Fine [Tape Op #90] (Mercury, Fine Sound), Kenneth Wilkinson (Decca),...


Melvin Gibbs

by John Dylan Keith

"My theory is the reason that so many bass players are producers is we all get tired of how bad our bass ends up sounding on records and we decide to do something about it," says Melvin Gibbs, echoing...

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End Rant

Organized Chaos

by Larry Crane

My client Ken is a treat to work with. He brings in sessions off his standalone digital multitrack with each song on a CD-R, clearly labeled, a binder with track notes including how everything was...


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by Dangerous Music  |  reviewed by Mike Caffrey

In a world where 1073 is not only a model number, but also the number of clones said model has inspired, the Dangerous Music S&M is a standout for its originality. While Chris Muth (the S&M's...


by Native Instruments  |  reviewed by Dana Gumbiner

Native Instruments, known for their unique, high-quality software instruments and virtual studio solutions, have just introduced a distinctive hardware controller/software host called KORE, which they...

Preamps in Paradise DVD-ROM

by 3D Audio  |  reviewed by Garrett Haines

When Lynn Fuston, publisher and coordinator of the 3D Audio comparison series, walked up to the Tape Op booth at the New York AES, I immediately started railing on him. "Oh, look, it's Lynn Fuston....

WizooVerb W2 Room Emulator

by Wizoo  |  reviewed by Andy Hong

If I had to pick one desert island reverb, this would be it. Either as a plug-in if I had a DAW in my luggage, or as a standalone application running on a laptop if I somehow salvaged a great console...

GT60, GT50, GT40, GT30

by Groove Tubes  |  reviewed by Andy Hong

Since receiving these mics a few months ago, I've used them on every recording session to date. And I've got a large collection of mics, with some of them costing many times what the most expensive of...

Rakim Told Me

by Brian Coleman  |  reviewed by Larry Crane

Subtitled Hip-Hop Wax Facts, Straight From the Original Artists-The '80s, this book spends its time examining 21 hip-hop albums from the mostly mid-to-late '80s-talking with the artists about how the...

Akira effects processor

by Alesis  |  reviewed by Inverse Room

A couple years ago, internet retailers were blowing out Alesis's ModFX effects boxes at absurdly low prices. The ModFX were flimsy DSP desktop units with goofy names and lousy switches, but a few of...

Small DI

by Avenson Audio  |  reviewed by Chris Garges

Brad Avenson appears to like simplicity. His excellent reputation based on the success of his STO-2 microphones is well deserved, so I was excited about his new active, FET-based direct box. When I...