Gear Geeking

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Jul/Aug 2012

Gear Geeking  |  No. 90

Gear Geeking #90

by Andy Hong

Why is it that pretty much every studio I've visited that doesn't employ a full-time receptionist also lacks a working doorbell? Without a doorbell to ring, I usually have to call the mobile phone of...

May/Jun 2012

Gear Geeking  |  No. 89

Gear Geeking w/ Andy...

by Andy Hong

After reading Brad Kelly's review of the Flents Flitemate earplugs (Tape Op #86), I ordered a pair for myself. I tried them in several different applications, but I wasn't excited as Brad was; in my...

Mar/Apr 2012

Gear Geeking  |  No. 88

Gear Geeking w/ Andy...

by Andy Hong

In the previous installment of this column, I discussed my current favorite computer mouse, the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX ($50 street;, which I use both at my desk and while I'm...

Jan/Feb 2012

Gear Geeking  |  No. 87

Gear Geeking w/ Andy...

by Andy Hong

In Tape Op #82, I wrote about my favorite way of staying hydrated without fear of spilling water on my gear — the Bite Valve-equipped Camelbak Better Bottle ( Luck would have...

Nov/Dec 2011

Gear Geeking  |  No. 86

Gear Geeking w/ Andy...

by Andy Hong

In mid-October, a bunch of us from Tape Op attended the new-products exhibition at the AES Convention. I'll mention some of the items on display that captivated me the most. ••• New to...

Sep/Oct 2011

Gear Geeking  |  No. 85

Gear Geeking w/ Andy...

by Andy Hong

While recommending various hand tools for maintaining studio wiring in the previous issue, I thought of also covering flashlights, but being the tool geek that I am, I realized I wouldn't have enough...

Jul/Aug 2011

Gear Geeking  |  No. 84

Gear Geeking w/ Andy...

by Andy Hong

If you are a budding studio owner or engineer, realize that at many points during your career, you will need to fix problems with wiring — be it a broken wire inside a guitar or a...

May/Jun 2011

Gear Geeking  |  No. 83

Gear Geeking #83

by Andy Hong

Back in Tape Op #69, I reviewed two products from CruzTOOLS - the GrooveTech T-Handle Drum Key and the Guitar Player Tech Kit — and I was impressed with the quality and engineering evident in...

Mar/Apr 2011

Gear Geeking  |  No. 82

Gear Geeking #82

by Andy Hong

Larry's review of Wings of Nature Organic Health Bars (Tape Op #81), in which he discussed healthy, in-studio snacking, inspired me to comment on another important means of staying happier and...

Jan/Feb 2011

Gear Geeking  |  No. 81

Gear Geeking #81

by Andy Hong

I travel a lot — enough that I've been awarded a lifetime Platinum membership with American Airlines for flying two million miles, and I recently converted my Amtrak points into $2000 worth of...

Nov/Dec 2010

Gear Geeking  |  No. 80

Gear Geeking #80

by Andy Hong

Up until a few years ago, efficient switch-mode DC-to-DC converters were too noisy to use in audio applications. That's why until recently, you didn't see 500-series modules that require internal...

May/Jun 2010

Gear Geeking  |  No. 77

Gear Geeking #77

by Andy Hong

Allen Farmelo, who reviewed the Euphonix MC Mix, MC Control, and MC Transport ( for Tape Op #76, emailed me recently to clarify some points in his article. He wrote, "This is just a...