May/Jun 1996

Welcome to issue #1 of Tape Op.


Hello and welcome to the first issue of Tape Op, the magazine that will, hopefully, fill a void for many. If you're a musician or small studio owner (or both) who actually does record and release albums in what might, loosely, be termed the independent end of the music business, you've no doubt noticed the lack of magazines or books that are of any relevance to your experience.

I've been talking with lots of different musicians lately and we kept coming back to the recording process as critical in the creation of great music. Many people have expressed irritation with having to work in recording studios with domineering, tunnel-visions engineers and producers, and some have had horror stories from these experiences.

I don't want to say that no great music can be created in a real recording studio; I run a small 8 track studio myself! I just think, especially at this point in time, a lot of musicians have either taken the recording process back into their own hands, with small studio and 4 track setups, or they have found sympathetic engineers and new ways of working in studios.

In these realms, I think we'll find an interesting mix of artistic freedom, technical innovation, creativity overcoming a tight budget...and some great music. I also think quite a few people are involved in all this and their stories and ideas are of interest to others. Hopefully, that's true!

Please feel free to write. There should be a "letters" section in issue #2, and we will try to answer any questions brought up. The possibility of an issue or handbook devoted to first timers in the studio is being tossed around, and anyone with ideas for that is more than welcome to contact Tape Op.

Thanks very much and enjoy!

Lawrence Crane, Editor, etc...

— Larry Crane, editor

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Greg Freeman

by Larry Crane

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