Sep/Oct 2021

Welcome to issue #145 of Tape Op.


It feels like we’ve all been in a cold, dark, chilling era for the past 18 months and I hope we get out of it soon. I spent most of 2020 and half of 2021 working unattended in the studio, only doing a few select attended (masked up) tracking sessions last year. Thankfully, I’d been building up a steady “remote mixing” career and clientele for well over 15 years (especially once we could easily transfer files online), and that – along with freelance and staff sessions, virtual recording workshops, and careful budgeting – managed to keep Jackpot! Recording Studio financially afloat for a year and a half.

Coming out of this time, it’s been life-affirming to do actual attended sessions once again. Like John mentions in his End Rant this issue, collaborating with others in real time, face-to-face, is something I also find rewarding, and a process one is unable to completely achieve while working remotely.

Hello and Welcome to Tape Op #145
Mixing at Jackpot! Recording Studio. Thanks to Shady Cove for hand modeling.

My first attended session a few weeks ago was with local legends The Dandy Warhols, a group I had never had the pleasure of working with before. We ended up throwing a bunch of overdubs at a track, and, after they left, I assembled an “idea” of what the arrangement could be. For our next session, we arrived at a wholly different approach to the song and mix, via much input and experimentation. There was no possible way we could have gotten to that point without being in the same room, bouncing concepts around, and trying things out on the fly. Body language, last minute overdubs, and reading the mood in the room can do so much more in finding the potential of any recording than 20 emails or a single Zoom call. It felt like I was home again.

It was an incredibly challenging year, and there are many lessons I’ll carry forward with me from this time. But one thing I know for sure is that my appreciation of human connection will never change. Let’s get together now, and create the best music we can.

— Larry Crane, editor & Founder

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Gary Kemp: Ahead of the Game

by Larry Crane

Esteemed songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist Gary Kemp was the force behind Spandau Ballet for many years, and currently plays in Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets, performing older Pink Floyd...

Jerry Kee: Duck-Kee Studios

by Kim Ware

When I first sat down with Jerry Kee of Duck-Kee Studios in Mebane, North Carolina, I didn’t even realize we were coming up on the 30th anniversary of the recording of Superchunk’s...


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VocAlign Ultra Plug-In

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H47tube Microphone

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LIFT Motorized Speaker Stands

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I like to bounce around the room quite a bit when mixing records. I obviously sit centered when I launch into the proceedings, but once the mix is in a good place, I tend to move around my studio. How...

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Alien8 Figure-8 Dynamic Mic

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Nadine Upright Bass Mic

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Love at first sight – make that love at first listen. Nadine, where’ve you been all my life?! Seriously, I play, record, and mix upright bass a lot. It is my Achilles heel. Especially...

Al Schmitt Signature Plugin

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Our community lost a titan when Al Schmitt passed recently. I suppose if there is any consolation, it comes from knowing that Al shared his experience through tools such as his Pro-Channel for Oram...


Artistic 500 Series EQ

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When I recently reviewed the Fredenstein Bento 8 500 series chassis [Tape Op #144], the company kindly included a clutch of their own 500 Series units to demo as well. I had fun tracking and mixing...

Alpha 65 Evo Powered Monitor

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I was already stoked with my Focal Alpha 65 powered monitors [Tape Op #104] before their updated replacement model, the Alpha 65 Evos arrived at my door. In my review of the original Alpha 65s (which...

OVER-KILLER Inline Soft Clip Limiter

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The ULTRAVIOLET EQ from SSL is a 500 Series format expansion of the Fusion processor’s [Tape Op #131] Violet EQ. It retains the high-pass filter and four-position stepped high and low bands and...


RB 500 ME Passive EQ

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This past year I’ve been on a low-key “Pultec quest.” I’ve always loved the sound of the famous blue passive EQ – the big curves, simple design, and ease of use has...

UAFX Starlight Echo Station Pedal

by Universal Audio  |  reviewed by Dana Gumbiner

Universal Audio recently entered the stompbox pedal market with their UAFX line of DSP-based analog-modeling pedals. Overall, this new trio of pedals is an exciting application of UA’s DSP and...

Cortado MkIII Contact Mic

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MA5 500 Series Mic Preamp

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My expectations were high going into reviewing the Avedis Audio MA5 – several engineers I trust had been talking them up for years. This preamp blew my expectations out of the water. Within...


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