Mar/Apr 2001

Welcome to issue #22 of Tape Op.


Recently there have been a couple of letters complaining or worried about the direction Tape Op is, or could be, going in. Others have written in to correct us on technical topics. The reason I bring this up is because it sheds some light on who and what Tape Op the magazine is. It is a thirst for knowledge. I started it in the first place because I felt there were no forums to read about how people made the kind of records I wanted to make. As the editor I'm still learning — about gear, about techniques, about music, about recording history, about editing even... I didn't go to school to learn recording or to learn to edit a magazine — I taught myself by watching, reading and listening. And I still do. When I get an interview sent to me for possible publication I'm excited, because I will usually learn something new. And that's what we're about — learning and the desire to learn. If we don't catch a technical error or use the wrong model number when referring to a piece of gear, write in and tell us. I'm willing to learn and admit I don't know everything — and I'm also willing to pass this knowledge on to others. If it seems Tape Op isn't covering topics you want to read about then tell us. You may also be surprised at what we already have waiting in the wings for future issues.

One thing I do ask is that you, my dear reader, never assume that anything about Tape Op is set in stone or that we have specific agendas. I have heard that we are a home recording mag, a DIY 'zine, a bible for budding engineers, an analog tape only mag — I don't think those are true to our vision or that there's one simple way to describe what it is, and that's good in my book. We may set a rough course but Tape Op will continue to travel some interesting paths!

— Larry Crane, editor

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HP48 Headphone Amp

by MAM  |  reviewed by John Baccigaluppi

Most of the focus of the audio industry goes into making new, innovative products, so it's nice to see someone go after the functional necessity side of things. MAM (Music and More) is a small German...


by Line 6  |  reviewed by Larry Crane

I'm an old school kinda guy, so when a POD Pro found its way into the rack at my studio I just kept laughing at the idea of really using it on electric guitars - and I usually don't. I've only plugged...

DA-BM6A powered monitors

by Dynaudio Acoustics  |  reviewed by Larry Crane

My search for nearfield monitors is temporarily over. I finally stopped reading reviews or looking at ads and took another engineer's endorsement (Bruce Kaphan in San Francisco) to heart and ordered a...

Sparkle Drive Guitar Pedal

by Voodoo Lab  |  reviewed by Mike Caffrey

Have you ever plugged a nice guitar into a good amp and gotten a really nice sound that fell short because it was too plain? This pedal solves that problem. When I think of Bruce Springsteen's guitar...

Dragonfly mic

by B. L. U. E.  |  reviewed by Larry Crane

Ever since I had to return my review copy of the Audio Technica 4047, I'd been feeling that there was a hole in my mic collection. I needed a good quality condenser mic with the sort of pronounced...

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Music Reviews

Airline People

by For Stars | reviewed by Curtis Settino

"These recordings are outtakes from our first two U.S. albums," states the inner sleeve of this 15- minute CD. I don't know this band, so it's impossible for me to tell if these are simply songs that...

Music Reviews

Vinyl Killer CD

by Drums and Tuba | reviewed by Curtis Settino

Drums, tuba and... oh yeah, guitar mix together to create a very interesting and enjoyable instrumental sound. Overdubs of other horns, percussion and electronics fill out the arrangements. Produced...

Music Reviews

Come To Where I’m From CD

by Joseph Arthur | reviewed by Leigh Marble

This is one of those albums where the material and the production compliment each other so well it's hard to believe that anyone could dream it up, much less actually get it on tape. Here you get dark...

Music Reviews

duet for clarinet and goat CD

by Pete Krebs/ Danny Barnes | reviewed by Larry Crane

No, there's no goat on here. Instead, we're treated to Danny Barnes (Bad Livers, plus solo) and Pete Krebs (Hazel, Golden Delicious, solo stuff) hanging out at Danny's home studio doing some wacky...

Music Reviews

999 Levels of Undo CD

by Steve Fisk | reviewed by Larry Crane

Steve Fisk is a Northwest producer of note, a sometimes member of Pell Mell, one half of Pigeonhed and a procrastinator. We've been waiting 14 years to hear a new record and this is it. Keyboards,...

Music Reviews

Duluth Does Dylan CD

by Various Artists | reviewed by Larry Crane

It's not often that we think of the people who design gear as recording engineers. This CD features a bunch of artists from Duluth, Minnesota, doing Bob Dylan covers - which guarantees that the...

Music Reviews

Consciousness CD/LP

by Windy & Carl | reviewed by Roman Sokal

Finally. It has been almost three long years since Windy Weber and Carl Hultgren took a plunge into sonic depths. And now, the duo surface with Consciousness- a welcoming release of ambience of which...



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