Mar/Apr 2007

Welcome to issue #58 of Tape Op.


When you open this issue I'll be knee deep in a studio move. After ten years of Jackpot! Recording Studio existing in the same location, we're moving into a newly constructed building courtesy of our new landlords, Hamptone — the people that make those cool pro audio kits. The move was prompted by the owner of the Morrison Street property, Wayne Lund (who has been one of the coolest landlords I've ever worked with), selling the lot we're on. He moved his business to a new property and I assume needed the capital to do so. It looks like the new owners want to build condominiums on the corner there. So say goodbye to Jackpot!'s old site, and also sadly to our (understanding and supportive) REX Recording neighbors who will be losing their studio of over 50 years.

I'm excited for the new Jackpot! location. The building will feature higher ceilings, better isolation booths, central heating and air conditioning (finally), access to Hamptone's large recording space, a picnic area out back and even a fire bowl! The gear stays mostly the same, with our recent Pro Tools HD system, but we're adding a 16-track 2" deck, EMT 140 Plate Reverb, tt pachbays and more. I'm also really excited about the neighborhood: there are restaurants, bars, Trade Up Music, wine shops, bakeries, Stumptown Coffee and more all around us — even a Plaid Pantry, open 24 hours for snack runs.

It's going to be a lot of work and we hope to be ready for business in early May, but we're damn excited to see what the next ten years bring atJackpot!

Visit to see the building in progress.

Planning is ramping up for the sixth annual TapeOpCon, June 8-10 in Tucson, AZ. This will be a memorable event. Come down and hang with us — the waterslide is waiting...

This year Tape Op is also expanding its global coverage. This issue will be the first edition available in the UK and EU — and for free. Thanks are due to our new partner, Al Lawson, in the UK who's helping this all happen. Tell your friends overseas to sign up. We're excited to bring a lot of new readers aboard and to expand our coverage of creative recording all over the world! And look for us wandering around AES Vienna in May.

Alright, now can I take a vacation?

— Larry Crane, editor

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H1 handheld condenser mic

by SE Electronics  |  reviewed by Mike Reed

SE Electronics is a China-based company started by conductor/composer Siwei Zou. Rather than manufacturing low-cost mics for other brands or assembling products made in other Chinese factories, SE...

pArtScience SpaceCoupler

by Auralex Acoustics  |  reviewed by Andy Hong

In Tape Op #53, Jeff Elbel reviewed Auralex's SpaceArray diffusor. The SpaceCoupler, also within the pArtScience family of Russ Berger-designed, affordable acoustic treatment, looks very much like the...

VT-7 tube compressor

by D.W. Fearn  |  reviewed by Chad Clark

Ostensibly all compressors are designed to perform the same function: make the loud parts quieter. (And with makeup gain after compression, the quiet parts become louder.) In its conceptual origin,...

pArtScience AudioTile

by Auralex Acoustics  |  reviewed by Josh Peck

Josh Peck, one of the composers at my NYC studio, has his rig in the corner of a soundproofed room designed, manufactured, and assembled by IAC. The wall panels are surfaced with metal membranes...

PL-2 peak limiter

by Pendulum Audio  |  reviewed by Mike Caffrey

In an era when excessive digital peak-limiting has become a standard, it's a surprise that the Pendulum Audio PL-2 peak limiter is the only standalone, brickwall analog peak limiter in existence....

LinearPhase PEQ Red

by Algorithmix  |  reviewed by Garrett Haines

German-based Algorithmix has released three killer EQ plug-ins, LinearPhase PEQ Red, LinearPhase PEQ Orange, and the classic PEQ Blue. Each title deserves separate consideration, so I will limit this...

Mbox 2 Pro

by Digidesign  |  reviewed by Andy Hong

Unlike the other Mbox 2 interfaces for Pro Tools LE (see Tape Op #51 and #57 for reviews of the Mbox 2 and Mbox 2 Mini), the Pro connects to the host via FireWire instead of USB, it supports 88.2 and...

Zoundz looping toy

by Zizzle  |  reviewed by Pete Weiss

Last Christmas, in addition to the Recording the Beatles book (coolest gift ever?), my wife gave me a nifty little device called Zoundz from the toy company Zizzle. It's intended for children aged...

MicroMain27 active monitor

by Barefoot Sound  |  reviewed by Allen Farmelo

Thomas Barefoot designed the MicroMain27 to be the only speakers one would need in a studio, functioning as detailed nearfields; as loud, impressive mains with integrated subwoofers; and (brace...


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