Sep/Oct 1997

Welcome to issue #6 of Tape Op.


Okay.  Here's Tape Op #6.  Enjoy.  Please write me with thoughtful criticism and ideas.  I hope you all get something out of it.  

So, are there any of you out there who want to write for Tape Op?  I need some help filling these issues up.  If you've got an idea for an interview or article you could do drop me a line now!  I'll give you a free small ad or write a glowing review of your band's crummy CD.  If there's anyone who wants to write a column where they attempt to review some of these damn home-recorded cassettes that people keep sending me let me know and I'll send you a big box full.  Apologies to everyone who sends stuff in to be listened to... some days I just have to relax and put on Another Green World for the millionth time.

I was planning to do an article/update on PZM mics for this issue but with Radio Shack's discontinuing of the $60 version I decided to call it off.  If you disagree and want to see more about these weird mics send me a letter.  I built a new circuit for mine that works (sometimes).

As far as my studio (Jackpot!); it's doing well.  I'm getting some other engineers acquainted with my gear so they can take on some sessions and give me some days off.  There's new outboard equipment piling up and lots of CD projects in the works (Semisweet, Jr. High, Land of the Wee Beasties, Harvester, Pinehurst Kids, Monotrona, Witchypoo, Richmond Fontaine and more).  I urge you to go out and buy any of these records since they're bound to be great in spite of me.

I also had the pleasure of visiting San Francisco to practice and record with The Sunbirds, a band I was in with my pals Cole Marquis and Mike Cloward back in 1986 for a few months.  We recorded at Lowdown with Greg Freeman (see Tape Op #1) and it was a real treat.  I played bass and tried not to ask Greg too many questions.     

On to business things:  If you are moving or have moved, let me know immediately!  I'm sending the mag by bulk mail and they don't forward or let me know... they just destroy undeliverable copies.  That means it's up to you to keep us current on your address.  Thanks.  

And remember, anyone can think of an excuse not to record.

— Larry Crane, editor

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