When it comes time to mix, how about recycling those guitar pedals you have lying around - some of them work really well for a specific effect - just stick one on an aux send! Take the Danelectro "Dan-Echo" pedal for example. For around $110.00 you've got a great delay pedal for tracking and/or mixing. The DE-1 features four knobs (Mix; Speed; Repeats & Hi-Cut) plus one Lo-Hi switch for delay times. By using the Hi-Cut knob, each repeat swallows more hi frequencies, thus reproducing the warm tone of a vintage tape echo, without the ground hum. I would recommend using it with a direct box if you have a bantam/TT patchbay in your studio. With the "Dan-Echo", you get a groovy Danelectro battery ("vintage power source") and a neat-o Danelectro sticker. And did I mention that the pedal is gay-friendly (lavendar)?

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