Comeback Kid, from BABY Audio, is a fully customizable delay and echo plug-in with analog flavor. It has 14 one-knob effects that uniquely allow control of the color and shape of the delay. Each knob is powered by BABY Audio's delay engine, and allows for easy manipulation of the plug-in without complicated sub-menus. This gives Comeback Kid a truly hardware feel and sound, as it's easy to just grab knobs and tweak until you find the result you're looking for.

The UI is fairly straightforward and easy to navigate. Split into the four corners of the window are the Shaper (tone), Flavor (tape controls), Stereo (imaging), and Output (mix controls). The Shaper includes Lo- and Hi-Cut attenuators, plus Attack and Sustain controls that really shape how your source hits the effect. Flavor gives you some nice variables, including a Cheap switch for the tape type, Swirl adds a nice filter sweep modulation effect, and Sauce is an algorithmic reverb. The Stereo section features a Mono switch for collapsing the effect into the center.

The Output section has separate Dry Out and Wet Out controls. This is perfect for quick and dirty mixing use on an aux send, or for creating vibe on guitar or keyboard tracks while tracking without having to route your signal elsewhere. When using on an aux send, BABY Audio recommends setting the source send level to -18 dB to leave ample headroom and get the cleanest results. You can always dial in some Sauce to make your effect edgier.

The Ducker is a really nice feature that adds a sidechain compressor response so the delay effect will follow the dry attack. Lastly, Destiny is meant to add some human randomness to the effect and make it less robotic. Double-clicking on any knob sets it to default.

In the Center section are Delay controls, with standard Time and Feedback knobs as well as a Ping-Pong switch to create back-and-forth stereo delays. There are session Tempo Sync modes and a Free setting for going off the map.

I found Comeback Kid to be an easy and creative effect to use. If you've read this review, you have all the knowledge necessary to get instant and gratifying results out of this plug-in. It comes loaded with presets (a good jumping-off point for customization), and at $29 (intro price) this plug-in is a great one to grab. It's also available in a bundle with one or two of BABY Audio's other plug-ins.

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