I found this Love My Switches’ web store while searching for aluminum replacements for the sticky, degraded soft-touch rubber vulcanized knobs on my Arturia MicroBrute [Tape Op #106] synth. Many manufacturers have used this style of rubber coating on gear for years. However, after time and use, the vulcanization decomposes, leaving a gross, sticky film. You can remove it with a lot of elbow grease and solvents such as isopropyl alcohol or Goo Gone [#142] – but it’s a real pain with miniature potentiometers, and I generally prefer the weight and feel of metal switches and pots anyway.

Love My Switches is a family-run business located in Portland, Oregon, and they cater primarily to pedal makers, musicians, and obsessive studio tinkerers like me. Rad! With a vast selection of tools, hardware, enclosures – and yes – switches, pots, and knobs (not the English kind, mind you), Love My Switches has become a go-to for my gentle mods, repairs, and upgrades for a variety of equipment. These resources have helped me tremendously in “classing the joint up.” I’ve swapped out the plastic pots on gear like the Universal Audio Volt interfaces [Tape Op #152] and my Critter & Guitari Organelle. Beyond the cosmetics, precision-built anodized aluminum just has a better tactile feel.

Also worth noting is that Love My Switches has authentic and rare vintage-style replacements, such as 1400 Davies and Fairchild pointer-style knobs. They ship internationally, quickly, and professionally, with super friendly service and excellent communication. Bookmarked!

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