In Issue #30 I mentioned using "safe" ink pens when marking CD-Rs. The supposed issue is that Sharpies and their ilk can bleed through the plastic layer and eat away at the aluminum below, thus destroying the readability of the CD-R. I've never had this happen, but I don't want to either. I'd been using an Apogee CD pen, but found that the tip was always kinda dry (even when I first bought it), and it wouldn't mark the CDs most of the time. After I tossed it in the trash I picked up an HHB CD Writer and was finally happy. This pen has a really small tip, like a super-fine point Sharpie, which means you can load a lot of info on the CD surface. It also dries immediately. I don't mean in a second, I mean that you can write on the CD and run your hand across it without smearing. Pretty damn cool. Now I just wish my local tape supplier carried these pens! (

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