The Sorts play a wide-range of mostly instrumental rock (vocals occasionally appear to present mantra-like lyrics) that at times sounds like Fugazi's vocal-less songs and at other points sounds like cheesy space jazz. At all times, though, this record is high-fidelity, with great attention paid to capturing the varied tones and effects of the dynamic guitar work and the precision polish of the rhythm section. Trombone and trumpet appear intermittently and keep the standard rock trio sound from getting monotonous, and the album has more than enough weird sound effects and strange additional percussion. It was recorded at WGNS studios, whose web site highlights their modified Amek TAC Matchless 36x24x8x2 console, MCI JH-16 2" 24-track recorder, Fostex RD-8 ADAT 8 track and a vast assortment of other gear that no doubt gives this album its big studio feel. While it sometimes comes across as extremely "produced", it's skillfully done and worth a listen just for the great guitar recording. (Slowdime, PO Box 414, Arlington, VA 22210)

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