It seems like there is something in every issue of Tape Op coming from those prolific sages in Tucson, but if they would stop making great records, we'd stop writing about them. This one is a collaboration between Calexico and Amor Belhom Duo, who are from France. The record covers a lot areas ranging from a more classical approach (a la Rachels) to more conventional pop to the more sparse, pensive numbers that are filled out with delicate instrumentation from cello, violin, vibes, and piano to name a few. On side one there are quite a few snippets that are placed between songs which give it a more casual, eccentric feel whereas side two consists of only two pieces which are much more drawn out and improvisational. Recording was done at WaveLab in Tucson by Mr. Craig Schumacher, who utilizes his trademark open space sound, and who should need no introduction from this magazine. (Wabana Records, PO Box 381700, Cambridge, MA 02238)

Tape Op is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the art of record making.

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