Jack Endino [Tape Op #13] is one of the nicest guys. He also makes the loudest fucking records. This is his second album producing Zen Guerilla, recorded at Studio Litho in Seattle, where they must have been keeping the neighbors up all night. Mixing was done at Hanzsek Audio, and the record was mastered by our pal, John Golden. I don't know, I'm just impressed that someone can make a band sound this intense and loud while still keeping all the instruments clear enough to hear in the mix. Jack knows how, and here's proof. But just when you think you've pegged what's going on, there's a song like "Subway Transmission", which works as a tripped-out breathing space in the middle of the album - or "Evening Sun" with its acoustic guitar strumming. Oh yeah, the band is really good too. (www.subpop.com)

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