This band is fronted by Shaun Lopez who used to play guitar in Far. I never would have guessed he could sing and write as well as he does on this CD, which has become one of my hard rock faves of late. Shaun produced and recorded this himself. They tracked the drums, bass and guitar to two-inch 16- track here at The Hangar, and then transferred it into Cubase 5.0. All the overdubs were done at Shaun's house in Cubase's tape emulation mode on a PC using a Meek 6Q. The recording has a huge rock sound and is a great hybrid of studio and home recording. This was slated to come out on Buddyhead Records but before it could come out, the band was picked up by Flawless Records and are now in the studio with D. Sardy (Who'll you'll be reading about soon in Tape Op). Flawless pressed up a few thousand of these and you can get one for free on the band's website. On a side note the photography is by frequent Tape Op contributor, Jeff Gros. (

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