At under 35 minutes, Wire's usual economy shines as they deliver tight little packages of streamlined post punk on what appears to be their 11th album (depends how you count them). Now stripped down to a three piece (where's Bruce Gilbert?), they retain much of their sound and seem to draw from different eras of Wire styles at times. Colin recorded this at his home studio, Swim, with extra recording by Frank Lievaart at Metropolis 22 in Rotterdam and Ticktop in Sweden. Mastering by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering. One thing I can't shake, from Colin's self-recorded work of the last five years or so, is that the albums generally have a lack of sonic depth. My guess is that this is due to overdubbing guitars with a DI (like the time I saw him play a show through a goddamn Pod) and probably mixing in the box. But I could be wrong. Maybe he'll read this and decide to let me track and mix an album for him next time. Yeah, right. ( -LC

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