LAKE is the grand doorway to a whole kaleidoscope of minimalist downtempo music. Start with Oh, The Places We'll Go and fan outwards for more member-related projects than you can shake a mossy stick at: Swimming, Dash-A, Desolation Wilderness, Islinds, Skrill Meadow, Live Active Cultures, Your Heart Breaks, Karl Blau and more. For an authentic DIY history trip, check out Eli Moore's collaboration with R. Stevie Moore. Eli: "We recorded Oh, the Places We'll Go while waiting for our 'studio album' to be finished with Tucker Martine. We used everything we had and nothing we didn't. Basic tracks on a cassette 8-track, live as possible with at least three people playing what you actually hear. When eight tracks were up, we mixed those down to a BOSS BR-1180 - where most vocals, guitar solos, and shakers were done. Mixed 'on the fly'." Log onto LAKE's MySpace page and plunge down an authentic Northwest rabbit hole. (, -Alex Kostelnik

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