I know I also reviewed a Tobin Sprout CD just a few issues back but here's a new one.  If leaving the Guided By Voices fold means he'll be able to make more of these little masterpieces then I'm all for his "retirement" from that end of the rock biz.  The songs are split between tracks done in the basement on 4 and 8 tracks (oh, please tell me he finally got his own 8 track!) and recordings done at Dayton's Cro-Magnon and Refraze studios.  The leadoff track, "Get Out of My Throat", has drums courtesy of Jim Eno (Spoon) which apparently were mailed to Tobin!  Now that's cool.  Anyway, this is really, really good and you need it.  (Matador, 625 Broadway, New York, NY 10012)

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