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by Larry Crane

WHY I HATE RECORDING & EQ      So, there's only really a handful of publications that deal with the wild world of putting music to tape.  You all know them I'm...


Four Track School (part two)

by Curtis Settino

In the spring of 1983, a friend and I purchased a reel-to-reel four track.  Up to that point, we had been doing multi-track recording by bouncing back and forth between a cassette deck and a boom...

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Jan. 15, 1998

Behind the Gear

Jason Lytle: Grandaddy

by Larry Crane

Grandaddy is a band I knew very little about until recently.  I had heard rumors of a band locked away in their own studio in Modesto, a farming town in California's Central Valley, making...

Jan. 15, 1998


Don Depew

by Larry Crane

When I moved into Cleveland a little over a year ago, I had a limited knowledge of the current music scene.  Most of the local music I picked up was the usual crap you'd find in any other...


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End Rant


by Larry Crane

From the mouth of Peter Jefferies: "I've devised a method of bouncing down... the original tracks (usually 1 to 3 tracks) are on the 4 track.  They go from there, through a graphic equaliser, to...


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Music Reviews

Ten Small Paces

by IDA | reviewed by Adam Selzer

Its always exhilarating to hear a record that actually escorts you on a 45 minute journey- with attention to dynamics, moods, instrumentation, and recording aesthetics from one track to the...

Music Reviews


by CALEXICO | reviewed by Adam Selzer

Spoke appears to be more of a sketch pad for musical inspirations rather than a complete project which in turn makes it come across as unassuming and inviting.  Calexico is mainly John Convertino...

Music Reviews

Moonflower Plastic

by TOBIN SPROUT | reviewed by Larry Crane

I know I also reviewed a Tobin Sprout CD just a few issues back but here's a new one.  If leaving the Guided By Voices fold means he'll be able to make more of these little masterpieces then I'm...

Music Reviews

The Swerving Corpse

by LENOLA | reviewed by Larry Crane

This is the second Lenola CD to be reviewed in these pages, and there's a reason why.  These boys do everything themselves, from recording on their home 8 track and putting out their own records,...

Music Reviews


by COLIN NEWMAN | reviewed by Larry Crane

First of all, Colin Newman was in Wire, and if you don't understand their greatness I pity you.  Second of all, most of his solo albums are damn good.  Third of all, he's into electronics,...

Music Reviews


by SUPERETTE | reviewed by Larry Crane

Why is it I always dig these New Zealand bands so much?  This is David Mulcahy (from the underrated JPS Experience) with his snazzy power trio.  Anyway, you've got to love a band that's not...