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Cassette Corner

by Rob Christensen

The great thing about self-released cassettes is that anyone can put them out without spending too much money.  Photocopy some J-cards, dub a few tapes on the home stereo, and you're done. ...

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Music Reviews

Volume One


Stop me if you've heard this one before.  A couple of L.A. rich kids with too much time on their hands buy some recording equipment, rent a space and start recording their own album, which they...

Music Reviews


by Trackstar | reviewed by Larry Crane

MORE LETTERS? Hey Hey Larry, Wyatt here writing from San Francisco, CA.  It was good to see you in Chico and since I didn't have a chance to talk to you further, I'm writing now.  I'm...

Music Reviews


by MULTI-CAT | reviewed by Dewey Mahood

Mark Robinson does the remix thing on the Multiple Cat with surprisingly good results.  The four tracks on this CD never fall into looped house tedium, they instead retain the shape of...

Music Reviews


by POLVO | reviewed by Adam Selzer

A friend of mine who is a huge Polvo fan recently said to me, "the new Polvo sucks!  It sounds like Led Zeppelin."  Polvo has finally departed from their trademark bendy/angular guitar work...

Music Reviews

Wading and Waiting

by TRANSIENT WAVES | reviewed by Larry Crane

It's not often that I get sent a CD I can listen to.  It's even less often it's something I want to listen to.  This is an exception.  It's dreamy, semi-ambient late night stuff that...

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Collect Them All

by 44 LONG | reviewed by Larry Crane

Hot Damn!  A long time ago my pals the Maroons got me together with their friend Brian Berg who was thinking of starting a studio, and interested in my participation.  Nothing ever came of...

Music Reviews

Pet Sounds

by RICK BAIN | reviewed by Larry Crane

In perfect timing, Rick Bain (of Portland pop superstars Spin Jupiter Spin) has released a home recorded 4 track version of Pet Sounds all played by himself.  This CD rocks.  He did it with...

Music Reviews

The Pet Sounds Sessions

by THE BEACH BOYS | reviewed by Larry Crane

So here it is, four discs devoted to what has been called the greatest album ever and one of the finest productions ever made.  There's a "new" stereo mix, vocal-only mixes, highlights of...