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July 15, 1998

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Cassette Corner #2

by Rob Christensen

Welcome to Cassette Corner #2.  So far it's been very rewarding talking with people about how they record their music.  I guess that's what Tape Op is all about.  Last time around I...

July 15, 1998


Recording Recipes #9

by Curtis Settino

Since I often record alone, I've developed a few techniques to compensate for the lack of extra eyes, ears and hands (until cloning is available to the masses) that I work without. Not all these...


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Music Reviews


by TIED AND TICKLED TRIO | reviewed by Dewey Mahood

Highly reminiscent of a Teo Macero or Manfred Eicher production, these recordings posses an antiseptic cleanness that is both beautiful and eerie. The music too lies somewhere between 60's soul jazz...

Music Reviews

Lookout CD/cass

by CALIFORNIA BACKWOODS | reviewed by Rob Christensen

California Backwoods is a more or less family affair that counts mother, sister, and brother among its five members. They call their music "American Eclectic" as it incorporates several down-home...

Music Reviews

Reseda Spring

by VENTILATOR | reviewed by Larry Crane

I'll make no bones about it, Big Star's one of my favorite bands ever. It sounds like Matt Devine, the main Ventilator, is a big fan too. One of the charms of the Big Star records is that they were...

Music Reviews

information changer

by ELTRO | reviewed by Larry Crane

If you remember last months editorial, one of the things I was going on about was that you can do great sounding records on eight tracks. Here's an example of one. Eltro are a dreamy, spacey,...

Music Reviews

The Chopper

by SKULPEY | reviewed by Larry Crane

This fine record was recorded by the esteemed Robert Poss, who used to be in the sublime Band of Susans and has also produced Tone and Skeleton Key. Here, he aids this quirky trio in capturing some...

Music Reviews

3 Speed

by SUGARBOOM | reviewed by Larry Crane

There's a lot of great bands in Portland, and some of them go quite unnoticed while doing great work and influencing others. Sugarboom are one of those bands, dutifully playing hypnotic sets to loyal...

Music Reviews


by NEGATIVLAND | reviewed by Larry Crane

As much as I like certain carbonated beverages, I'm not much of a fan of sodas, and especially not Coke or Pepsi. Negativland should be required listening for all you home-recordists out there as...

Music Reviews

Despina By Land

by SPATULA | reviewed by Dewey Mahood

This CD has seen the inside of my player quite a bit since arriving - the music is alarm-ingly unique, emotional and quirky. Guitar, cello, keyboards and drums are used to create mini-epic...