If you remember last months editorial, one of the things I was going on about was that you can do great sounding records on eight tracks. Here's an example of one. Eltro are a dreamy, spacey, electronic-y sounding pop band somewhere between Stereolab and a mellower Unrest who may or may not sound anything like this record if they play live but who cares! Information Changer is a delight to listen to and because the sounds are so carefully textured and placed well it comes across as a full, craftily produced record. Incidentally, it was recorded (and released) by Brian McTear at Miner Street Studios in Philadelphia, who also has written for Tape Op in the past, and was done on a ?" 8 track. A great record and proof that you can do this!        

(Miner Street, 232 Krams Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19127)

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