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Gear Geeking

Gear Geeking #106

by Andy Hong

Allen Farmelo has been writing Tape Op gear reviews for a decade. His reviews are always engaging, educational, and importantly, inspirational. Allen always seems to find an arc up to a concept,...


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W2395c 500-series EQ

by Roger Schult  |  reviewed by

The W2395c is Roger Schult's second foray into the world of 500-series equalizer modules. His first design, the W2377, was essentially a repackaging of his mastering EQ, but in an unsurprising turn of...

BC1-S stereo compressor

by TK Audio  |  reviewed by Geoff Stanfield

If you are new to the technique of mix bus compression, the simple explanation is that you are compressing the entire stereo (or multichannel) mix. A compressor on the mix bus (in addition perhaps to...

Magic AB plug-in

by Sample Magic  |  reviewed by Dave Cerminara

Magic AB is an easy-to-use and extremely practical plug-in that allows mixers (and mastering engineers) to quickly compare their mixes to commercial references. By inserting the plug-in post-master...

Seville active ribbon mic

by Cathedral Pipes  |  reviewed by Andy Hong

At first glance, the Seville looks like an RCA Type 77 series mic that's been meticulously restored, recrafted, and repainted by a team on one of the various auto-shop reality TV shows. It has the...


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Music Reviews

Stop Time

by Jon Regen | reviewed by

After hearing an advance stream of Stop Time, I asked our contributor, Jon Regen, to recount how his new album came to be, and what it was like to work with producer Mitchell Froom [Tape Op # 10]. I...