Richard Dodd

by Larry Crane

Even among recording, mixing, and mastering engineers, Richard Dodd's career has been a unique one, covering many styles of music. His work began in the early '70s and continues today. In that time...

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End Rant

All In

by Larry Crane

I opened my commercial recording studio (Jackpot! Recording) in 1997, after years of simultaneously having a busy home studio while working day jobs to pay the rent. Making this leap to a full-time...

Gear Geeking

Gear Geeking #105

by Andy Hong

When I saw Hüsker Dü and Soul Asylum perform at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston in 1986, the bands were loud enough to cause physical pain to my ears. The high frequencies were especially...


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One15, One18, Amp100

by Amphion Loudspeakers  |  reviewed by Adam Monk

Natural, musical, clear, detailed, open — these are all buzzwords that you hear in studio monitor speaker talk. The search for new monitors can be daunting, and wading through opinions of...

Flexiguy FG500

by NonLinearAudio  |  reviewed by Bobby Lurie

In a galaxy long ago, it was not uncommon to spend a day or two getting a snare drum sound on a big-budget record. Numerous drums were carted to the session and the pounding "thwack" would begin. The...

RX 4 Advanced, RX 4

by iZotope  |  reviewed by Larry Crane

In issue #100 of Tape Op, I extolled the virtues of iZotope RX 3 audio repair software and gave many examples of how I use this "noise reduction" plug-in suite and standalone application in tracking...

TBDD 500-series chorus

by TB Audio  |  reviewed by Scott Evans

Brian Horvitz is the proprietor of Boston area-based TB Audio. Brian produces DIY-inspired analog gear, some as kits and some ready to go. His TBDD is a "modern implementation" of Roland's classic...


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