Jonathan Schenke

by John Rau

Jonathan Schenke has made a name and a sound for himself by recording and mixing some of the best independent and experimental rock that came out of New York in the last five years. You may have...

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End Rant

Set and Forget?

by Larry Crane

The art of recording music obviously involves the intersection of technical skills and creativity. It's certainly this juncture that fascinates many of us, and has lured us into a life of placing...

Gear Geeking

Gear Geeking w/ Andy

by Andy Hong

It's timely that you'll find a review of the Yamaha TF1 digital mixer in this issue. The TF1 is a 32-channel console featuring 16+1 motorized faders, with 16 fader and “OMNI Out” channels...


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Hapi Networked Audio Interface

by Merging Technologies  |  reviewed by Garrett Haines

Switzerland's Merging Technologies is best known for their Pyramix, VCube, and Ovation workstations. But the company also makes world-class converters. Merging's flagship Horus is a network-enabled...

VSS-C StroboStomp Classic Tuner Pedal

by Peterson  |  reviewed by Pete Weiss

Earlier this year, I reviewed a combination digital tuner and DI in a floor pedal format — the Sonic Nuance TDI [Tape Op #118]. It’s a very nice device that solves some stage and...

V7 Supercardioid Vocal Mic

by sE Electronics  |  reviewed by Andy Hong

In recent years, I’ve been tracking more bands “live” in the studio — sometimes with keeper vocals recorded at the same time as the instruments. And every now and then,...


Clariphonic MS Parallel EQ

by Kush  |  reviewed by Andy Hong, Geoff Stanfield

Seven years after the original Clariphonic Parallel Equalizer [Tape Op #88] was released, Gregory Scott, the owner and visionary behind the company Kush, has updated this unique analog EQ with new...

EHR-M Cardioid Condenser Mic

by Ehrlund Microphones  |  reviewed by Brad Allen Williams

Nearly all of the condenser microphones we know and love employ round capsules. Notable exceptions include rectangular-capsule Pearl and Milab mics (which, like the Ehrlund, are Swedish in origin),...

SE425 Sound Isolating Earphones

by Shure  |  reviewed by Andy Hong

By now, you’ve doubtless heard me complain countless times about the exceedingly hyped sound of “lifestyle” headphones, earbuds, and in-ears. It doesn’t matter how much you...

S-25 Condenser Mic Kit

by Micparts  |  reviewed by Ben Bernstein

The Micparts S-25 is a side-address condenser mic available as a kit. All that’s required is solder, a soldering iron, and some basic hand tools. The JFET in the kit is even manually biased by...

Curve Diffusor (Version 2)

by Acoustic Geometry  |  reviewed by Garrett Haines

Acoustic Geometry has completed some nice upgrades to the already outstanding, first-generation Curve Diffusor [Tape Op #88]. The Curve is a surface or stand–mountable acoustical treatment...

ADC1 USB A/D Converter

by Benchmark Media Systems  |  reviewed by Garrett Haines

I recently purchased a used ADC1 (non-USB). I wrote Benchmark to say how much I liked it. I got a reply asking if I wanted to demo the new ADC1 USB to verify if my old model was still up to spec!...

DB25 MULT Patchbay Plug

by Redco Audio  |  reviewed by Scott Evans

My tech time is very limited, and I’d rather spend whatever time I do have working on music. So, when I wired my new studio space four years ago, I chose DB25 patchbays. I’ve never...

MSA-9508 Side-Mount Mini-Boom

by On-Stage  |  reviewed by Scott Evans

Kurt Ballou [Tape Op #76] showed me these gadgets a few years ago. They’re simple, 7’’ boom arms with a clamp that securely holds the boom on the shaft of a mic stand (or pipe,...

BAD8 Converter Card for B80 & B16

by Burl Audio  |  reviewed by Jerry Harrison

We recently did a session here at Panoramic House with Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads, Live) producing a great band called Le Butcherettes. Jerry has a studio near us with a mix/edit room and a...

1073LB EQ 500-Series Module

by AMS Neve  |  reviewed by Geoff Stanfield

The Neve 1073 is arguably the most famous and cherished preamp/EQ channel strip of all time. It has been endlessly cloned, copied, updated, and tweaked by countless manufacturers trying to cash in on...

SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection

by Universal Audio  |  reviewed by Dave Cerminara

The SSL 4000 G Series bus compressor has been copied, emulated, reworked, and rehashed by both hardware and software manufacturers for years now. It seems every plug-in developer has their own...