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H1 handheld condenser mic

by SE Electronics  |  reviewed by Mike Reed

SE Electronics is a China-based company started by conductor/composer Siwei Zou. Rather than manufacturing low-cost mics for other brands or assembling products made in other Chinese factories, SE...

pArtScience SpaceCoupler

by Auralex Acoustics  |  reviewed by Andy Hong

In Tape Op #53, Jeff Elbel reviewed Auralex's SpaceArray diffusor. The SpaceCoupler, also within the pArtScience family of Russ Berger-designed, affordable acoustic treatment, looks very much like the...

VT-7 tube compressor

by D.W. Fearn  |  reviewed by Chad Clark

Ostensibly all compressors are designed to perform the same function: make the loud parts quieter. (And with makeup gain after compression, the quiet parts become louder.) In its conceptual origin,...

pArtScience AudioTile

by Auralex Acoustics  |  reviewed by Josh Peck

Josh Peck, one of the composers at my NYC studio, has his rig in the corner of a soundproofed room designed, manufactured, and assembled by IAC. The wall panels are surfaced with metal membranes...

PL-2 peak limiter

by Pendulum Audio  |  reviewed by Mike Caffrey

In an era when excessive digital peak-limiting has become a standard, it's a surprise that the Pendulum Audio PL-2 peak limiter is the only standalone, brickwall analog peak limiter in existence....

LinearPhase PEQ Red

by Algorithmix  |  reviewed by Garrett Haines

German-based Algorithmix has released three killer EQ plug-ins, LinearPhase PEQ Red, LinearPhase PEQ Orange, and the classic PEQ Blue. Each title deserves separate consideration, so I will limit this...

Mbox 2 Pro

by Digidesign  |  reviewed by Andy Hong

Unlike the other Mbox 2 interfaces for Pro Tools LE (see Tape Op #51 and #57 for reviews of the Mbox 2 and Mbox 2 Mini), the Pro connects to the host via FireWire instead of USB, it supports 88.2 and...

Zoundz looping toy

by Zizzle  |  reviewed by Pete Weiss

Last Christmas, in addition to the Recording the Beatles book (coolest gift ever?), my wife gave me a nifty little device called Zoundz from the toy company Zizzle. It's intended for children aged...

MicroMain27 active monitor

by Barefoot Sound  |  reviewed by Allen Farmelo

Thomas Barefoot designed the MicroMain27 to be the only speakers one would need in a studio, functioning as detailed nearfields; as loud, impressive mains with integrated subwoofers; and (brace...