Gabriel Roth / Bosco Mann

by Vijith Assar

Sharon Jones may be the reigning matriarch of revivalist funk, but when I first interviewed her a year and a half ago, she was very clear about her role: she's the face and voice of the operation but...

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Building Spectrum Recording Studios

by Jim Kalamasz  |  reviewed by Larry Crane

Jim Kalamasz has owned and run Spectrum in Florida for over twenty years. Over a decade ago, they were forced to move to a new location, and Jim documented this process on a home video camera. On this...

Portico 5043 Compressor/Limiter Duo

by Rupert Neve Designs  |  reviewed by Mike Caffrey

Like the rest of the Portico series, the 5043 two-channel compressor is a half-width, 1RU-height design that can be racked horizontally or vertically. Each channel has the expected controls for attack...

DV-RA1000HD CD/DVD/HD recorder

by TASCAM  |  reviewed by John Baccigaluppi

I love my Alesis Masterlink! It's super convenient to be able to record audio to its built-in hard drive and then burn audio CDs or hi-res CD-R archives. I hate my Masterlink! The user interface is...

Channel G plug-in

by McDSP  |  reviewed by Garrett Haines

When I first read about McDSP's Channel G, I made the mistake of dismissing it as a repackaged application. We already own McDSP's Compressor Bank, Equalizers, and Analog Channel, so I figured Channel...

The Unreleased Beatles: Music and Film

by Richie Unterberger  |  reviewed by Larry Crane

Unterberger, who wrote the great books Turn! Turn! Turn!, Eight Miles High, and Unknown Legends of Rock 'n' Roll, tackles the unreleased Beatle media in this 388-page book. Mostly it's a yearly...

003 Factory

by Digidesign  |  reviewed by Andy Hong

I'm sure a lot of you were checking out the online rumor mills about the Digidesign's new 003. Many of the rumor mongers claimed that it wouldn't be much more than a re-skinned Digi 002 (Tape Op #33)...

CM7 tube mic

by Wunder Audio  |  reviewed by Mike Jasper

When Wunder Audio owner and CM7 creator Mike Castoro was asked to describe his mic, he said it was similar to a Neumann U 47 but better. I would agree. The Wunder Audio CM7 is the best vocal mic I've...

RSM-3 ribbon microphone

by Nady  |  reviewed by Pete Weiss

Thrifty New Englander that I am, I often check the daily "Stupid Deal" at It can be pretty hit-or-miss. Usually, the item is something kind of useless, like an entry-level...

P28 small-diaphragm tube mic

by Peluso  |  reviewed by Henry Robinett

Let me start out by saying that my experience with small-diaphragm tube condensers has been limited. I've never owned one but had on occasion used the McHugh Military tube pencil that The Hangar owns....

P22A active monitor

by ADAM Audio  |  reviewed by Drew Townson

I love great-sounding speakers. I guess you could call me a monitor guy. Ever since I blew up the studio's last pair of NS-10Ms in 1990, I've been on a quest for the perfect tracking and mixing...

link direct S & link protect S cables

by VOVOX  |  reviewed by

For this review, I concerned myself with one question. Can three "blindfolded" listeners tell the difference between Mogami and VOVOX XLR cables? Wow-yes. Test methodology is detailed at the end of...

FaderPort DAW controller

by PreSonus  |  reviewed by Andy Hong

I hate dragging a mouse to move an onscreen fader during an automation pass. It just seems obtuse-almost as much as dragging a mouse in a circle to turn a virtual knob. I'll draw out the fader moves...