Sep/Oct 2014

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I arrived at the profession of being an engineer and producer via being a fan. Experiences as a listener and music lover sent me on this path, and certain bits of music pushed me forward. The tangible feeling I got the first time I heard the masterful production of Joy Division's song "Atmosphere" rumbling through a giant stereo system at a friend's house sent me on a quest to absorb more of their music, as well as a desire to learn how they were made. See our excerpts from Chris Hewitt's book on Martin Hannett in this issue for insight into these iconic Joy Division recordings, and more. A music fan also has opinions, and while I've become more relaxed in some of my stances, I still abhor the Eagles. But I do love Joe Walsh and The Who, so check out our interview with Bill Szymczyk in these pages! And what fan doesn't love The Beatles? Check out the interview here with Giles Martin, and see how he struggled with his father's legacy, Sir George Martin, while proceeding to make a name for himself. There's far more in this issue (did I mention I'm a big Tanya Donelly fan?), so dig in and enjoy the mag! But first put on some music you love... — Larry Crane, Editor

— Larry Crane, editor

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SRP 600 2-way active monitor

by Sonodyne  |  reviewed by Dave Hidek

The Sonodyne SRP series is a no-nonsense entry into the sub-$1000 monitor scene, with five different models ranging from 3'' to 8'' in woofer size. Touting an ultra-wide sweet spot with custom...

Q10 active coaxial monitor

by Equator Audio  |  reviewed by Steve Silverstein

When I moved my mix setup out of my living room and into a large shared studio space, I sensed that it would be helpful to have a larger pair of midfields for monitoring. Unfortunately, most of the...

SC205 2-way monitor, TS107 subwoofer

by EVE AUDIO  |  reviewed by Eli Crews

As someone who has been using ADAM monitors fairly religiously for the past seven years or so, I became quite interested when I heard that the former CEO of ADAM Audio had started a new speaker...

Miktek CV4 mic modification

by MicRehab  |  reviewed by Adam Monk

How do you get a $10,000 sounding mic without bankrupting your studio? Send it to Shannon Rhoades at MicRehab, that's how. Specifically, I'm talking about the Miktek CV4. To be fair, the stock mic is...

R2 Stereo reverb plug-in

by Exponential Audio  |  reviewed by Dave Hidek

I've been on a mission over the last seven or eight years to find a reverb plug-in that fills the void left by not being able to place a microphone, say, 5-20 ft away from a source. I've used just...

363 tube DI

by Tonecraft Audio  |  reviewed by Roy Silverstein

The 363 is the first product from San Diego-based Tonecraft Audio, but owner Jon Erickson is no newcomer to the studio equipment scene. Most notably, he spent some time at A-Designs Audio and was...

TruTone Head

by Graefe Designs  |  reviewed by Dave Cerminara, Garrett Haines

We've all seen photos of studios that own a wall of guitar tube heads. Certainly, having a dozen or more amps to choose from might be ideal, but the total cost can be prohibitive for a studio owner....

Rokit 5 G3 active monitor

by KRK  |  reviewed by Eli Crews

Anyone who has read my previous reviews may know that two years ago, I left the comfort of my trusted Oakland studio to start mixing primarily in my apartment in Brooklyn. I started working right away...

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Music Reviews

The Voyager

by Jenny Lewis | reviewed by Larry Crane

When I am asked to describe my personal goals when making records, I frequently say that I'm looking to make classic, timeless works of art. I want to make albums that can be listened to for many...

Music Reviews


by The Delines | reviewed by Larry Crane

Songwriter and novelist Willy Vlautin has led Portland's Richmond Fontaine for 20 years. With this new group, The Delines, he's written songs for Amy Boone (The Damnations TX) to sing, and grabbed his...



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