Mar/Apr 2000

Welcome to issue #16 of Tape Op.


Hey, welcome to Tape Op #16.

Four years ago I was folding and stapling a few pages of Xeroxed paper together in hopes that I could create a forum for others (and myself) to learn about recording. I wanted to show that good records resulted from creativity, knowledge, drive, expression and ambition, and that having the newest, most expensive recording tools wasn't neccesarily the answer. I felt like I was a minority in the recording world.

In this issue we scored an excellent interview with Tchad Blake, who turns out to be a fan of our magazine. I can't tell you how amazed I am at the kind of respect that we are getting from Tchad and other engineers, producers and musicians. I still feel like we're fighting a battle, but lately I feel like there's a lot of great people on our side. Thanks!

— Larry Crane, editor

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Tchad Blake

by Stephen Murray

The phrase "recording artist" is usually reserved for the sensitive souls who sing and play the stuff that makes its way onto those shiny little discs. But there are some on the recording end of...

How to Build a Microphone

by Joel Cameron

For decades condenser microphones have been the staple for high-quality recording and live sound assignments. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to own a good one. Well that's about to change....


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End Rant

Fear Is Not Your Friend

by Larry Crane

The biggest enemy to art is fear. Fear causes artists to curb their vision, to play it safe, and to operate in a manner that is expected of them. In the recording studio fear manifests itself in...



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