Sep/Oct 1996

Welcome to issue #2 of Tape Op.


Hello and welcome to the second issue of Tape Op, the magazine that explores music recording in the real world. Issue #1 did very well and received kind words and input from all over and many thanks are due to all who have written. People seem to feel the time is right for a magazine like this one, that covers music recording from a creative and independent angle. Which is good, since I need readers. 

But what means more to me is that people are thinking about the recording process and not just walking into expensive studios and blindly trusting engineers. If you are a musician with ideas, it's important to know how to turn these ideas into music. When the music is being recorded, it's important to know how to translate this music into recorded sound. That's where a lot of people relinquish control and allow their ideas to fall apart. I'm just glad when people start thinking about this process and their creativity is captured properly.

— Larry Crane, editor

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Magnetophone/Sea Saw

by Larry Crane

This was originally going to be just a short review of a record I liked very much, but as time went by I listened to it way too much and wanted to know more about how it was recorded and put...

I Have A Question For You

by Richard Martin

Timmy Taylor of Brainiac Brainiac latest Touch and Go release, Hissing Prigs in Static Couture, has some of the weirdest sounds on any recent rock record.  Girls Against Boys' Eli Janney...


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End Rant

End Rant #2

by Larry Crane

RECORDS TO CHECK OUT! We got sent a lot of decent records since starting Tape Op.  Briefly, here's some of the highlights and general recording info. Gastr Del Sol Upgrade and Afterlife (Drag...



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