Sep/Oct 2001

Welcome to issue #25 of Tape Op.


Hello and welcome to Tape Op #25! I'm pleased to report that we've made it to our 25th issue and are well into our 6th year. Anyone who's been reading or involved with Tape Op from the beginning knows the changes we've gone through — from a hand-Xeroxed, collated and stapled mag in 1996, to the small press runs a few years later, and now as a bi-monthly with full-color and lots of advertisers (to whom we're very, very grateful). There are a few changes happening though. After years as the writer of "Under the Radar", Rob Christensen is stepping down (for now, as he may return) and long-time Tape Op supporter/helper Matt Mair Lowery will be taking his place next issue. So don't dismay if you miss the column this issue! The other change will be less directly visible, as we welcome Jeff Fellers as an ad sales rep, hopefully taking some of the load off of John's shoulders! The other change? I was married in August to the lovely Mrs Jane Crane. Sorry girls! Alright, let's make some %$*^! records...

Mr Larry Crane, editor

— Larry Crane, editor

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Daniel Burton

by Roman Sokal

Daniel Burton has seen it all and would rather stay home. This does not mean he is jaded or a hermit — he just knows what should be done in order to get things done. If you listen to any of his...


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End Rant

Open Up Your Ears!

by Larry Crane

Many of us who make records get into ruts. You know, you develop habits in the way you work, your taste dictates how the recordings sound, and you mix in a certain way. None of this is terribly wrong,...


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MC012 condenser mic

by Oktava  |  reviewed by Andy Hong

I can't recall a time when good-sounding mics have been so readily affordable as they are now. I purchased three Oktava MC012 condenser mics for less than it would have cost me to buy three SM-57s....

AMM-68 condenser mic

by McHugh Military  |  reviewed by Craig Schumacher

The McHugh Military AMM-68 is a tube-powered small condenser microphone designed around the AKG C-60. That is where the similarities end. I use the term "around" as the microphone's design is nothing...


z-Q2 stereo digital mastering equalizer

by z-Systems  |  reviewed by Larry DeVivo

My dad used to have two sayings that he liked to use. One, use the right tool for the job and two, put it back where you found it when your done. The right tool for me these days is the z-Systems z-Q2...

111B spring reverb

by Orban  |  reviewed by Steve Silverstein

New high-end studio reverbs tend to sell for over $1000, and $10 Pioneer models produce a lot of noise. Orban's mid-80s rack-mount unit presents a reasonable compromise. With 2 channels selling for...

1969 tube compressor/mic pre

by Drawmer  |  reviewed by Larry Crane

Recently Drawmer introduced a new version of its 1960, the venerable and mid-priced ($2750) stereo mic pre/DI/compressor. This version is called the 1969, and all of its modifications are courtesy of...

OB-Tune software

by Oberheim  |  reviewed by Bill Dodd

To be honest, I'm not one for getting excited about pitch correction. It always seemed that it put some kind of "robotic-ness" to the voice. However, when I saw that Oberheim had licensed the Antares...

40 A2 meters

by Dorrough  |  reviewed by Steve Pogact

For anyone who purchased their home studio by max-ing out their Visa card, a set of outboard audio meters probably isn't high on your list of priorities. Most modern gear includes at least decent...

MDP-1 tube mic pre/DI

by Pendulum Audio  |  reviewed by Jesse Cannon

At least once a year, a studio will usually make an investment in a piece of gear which is supposed to make their recordings jump light-years in quality. This typically comes with a high price tag,...

DMX-R100 digital mixer

by Sony  |  reviewed by Andy Hong

I still cringe when I think about the first digital mixer I ever used: The Yamaha DMP-7. It was noisy, it sounded gritty, and its user-interface was horrible. But the DMP-7 had scene recall, moving...

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Music Reviews

XtraKcts & ArtifaKcts CD

by BPM&M | reviewed by Roman Sokal

King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto and Austin, Texas, engineer Bill Munyon have managed to modify their computers into musical electrocardiogram machines that output an array of avant-garde techno...

Music Reviews

10, 000 Light Years CD

by Zeni Geva | reviewed by Roman Sokal

Japan's Zeni Geva are relentless, forceful and ultra- intelligent - their steamrolling assault of progressive jazz-noise rock hymns inbred with touches of ancient traditional Japanese passages is not...

Music Reviews

It’s A Wonderful Life CD

by Sparklehorse | reviewed by Roman Sokal

Everyone's favorite hyper-imaginative, alt-country- space-waltz folkster Mark Linkous returns to destroy rock forever with his third full-length disc. A bulk of the material was recorded/produced with...



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